Las Chingonas

Women, predominantly separated from the mechanisms of representation, are identified by often pernicious images created by others. In celebration of Women’s History Month, Avenue 50, a female led space, presents a group show representing women by women. Curated by Marissa Magdalena, Las Chingonas explores universal themes of femininity through visual art and personal narrative.

Opening Night: Saturday, March 11, 2017 @ 7 PM – 10 PM
Exhibit runs until 4/6/17


Ralph Massey

At Risk!

Ralph Massey

We are proud to present Ralph Massey’s first solo exhibit.

His work confronts the dilemma of second generation migrants in an ever changing environment and the reality of species extinctions happening around the world. The subjects overlap when animal species are used as metaphors. The sometimes harsh imagery is delivered with colorful streams of humor masking an underlying sense of uneasiness or estrangement. Teasing insights to the lives of his subjects alternate with foreboding images of threat. Experimental compositions reflect a restless intellect. Bold colors deliver a sensual visual bouquet. The series revolves around the potent symbolism of the Statue of Liberty.

Massey’s human and animal subjects are treated with empathy and straight forward respect. He delivers food for thought for the thoughtful beneath a veneer of wry humor.

Opening Night: Saturday, March 11, 2017 @ 7 PM – 10 PM
Exhibit runs until 4/6/17


Avenue 50 Studio presents


In it’s almost 20 years of operation, Ave 50 has received numerous works of art as contributions and some “orphans” that have been stored at the gallery. By way of spring cleaning, Ave 50 has put together a sale of over 150 pieces of quality art ranging from drawings, etchings, paintings, prints and three dimensional assemblages.

The works cover the gamut of art genres offered over the years at Ave 50. This will be a BLOW OUT sale, that will be CASH and CARRY! There are many great pieces that need a new home and Ave 50 is confident that you can provide one.

The sale will run for a month and we will look for other “orphans” than may need adoption to fill the gaps.

Exhibit runs until 4/6/17

unnamed (5)
Mark Verrillo


Paintings by Mark Verrillo

Presented by The Arroyo Arts Collective

Artist Statement

“The rainbow flag is also known as the pride flag and the peace flag. From the rainbow covenant of the bible to many of the pre-Columbian cultures to the peace movement of the 1960’s, the image has been a unifying icon. I decided why not take something so recognizable and meaningful to so many people, and develop it and deconstruct it and bring it back again through my art. Whether it be about our differences regarding gender equality, class struggle, racial prejudice or religious intolerance, perhaps something beautiful, harmonious and sacred can make a promise of unity of diversity through the power of color and light.”
-M. Verrillo

Exhibit runs until 4/6/17