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Communities Connecting Heritage

Avenue 50 Studio x Athar Lina Initiative

August 22, 2017 :: Through Walls Press Release

Avenue 50 Studio is pleased to announce that we are undergoing a final approval process to participate in a cultural international exchange project through World Learning. World Learning is an international nonprofit organization that focuses on international development, education, and exchange programs.

As a final candidate for their “Communities Connecting Heritage” project, Avenue 50 Studios will be partnering with Athar Lina Initiative, a participatory conservation initiative that aims to establish the preservation of cultural heritage located in Cairo, Egypt.

While we’re waiting for the approval, cross your fingers in hopes we get accepted and read below for more information on this incredible project:

The CCH partnership between Avenue 50 Studio and Athar Lina Initiative has one common goal: to celebrate and preserve cultural heritage through visual art that speaks to and empowers our at-risk communities by creating two murals, one in Los Angeles, California, and the other in Cairo, Egypt.

By tieing in tangible and intangible contemporary cultural heritage and ancient heritage between two cultures, we aim to find similarities between Egyptian and Latino cultures we can use to preserve, honor, and evolve our traditions through our mural project.

We aim to seek commonalities between our two cultural groups in order to build further understanding of the value of not only preserving cultural monuments and histories, but of observing commonalities between cultures that individuals may not be familiar with.

However, how does one define community and place through another’s cultural heritage? By taking into account where other communities come from, we start to see multicultural identities being formed into one another.

It’s important to note that culture is not an institution or a tool for displacement. By creating two murals that highlights two distinct cultures in two diverse cities, we will impact accessibility and inclusiveness that engages the community and contributes to the empowerment of creating dialogue around each culture.

Our murals will be created by a team of young women. This project grants them the opportunity to be involved in the shaping of public space and be the voice and leaders for the community. We take this opportunity to provide women artists with the chance of participating in the creation of public art and public space, a field and location they are often marginalized from.

Our objective is to build bridges of understanding between our two cultures by using murals as our pathway to discuss cultural preservation and history. We celebrate commonality through the forum of public art that sparks conversation in each other’s underserved communities.

Stay tuned for more information regarding our final approval process!