2009 Exhibition Archive

     12/19-20/09 Fifth Annual Holiday Sale and Party


     12/16/09 Splinter Generation


     12/13/09 La Palabra Poetry:  Holiday Party


   12/12/09 And The Annex Presents:  Highland Park Stories


     11/22/09 La Palabra Poetry:  Frankie Salinas, Linda Gamboa,
Pat Viera


     11/21/09 Collector’s Tour:  Gwen and Jim Beazell


     11/20/09 Alliance with the Avenue 50 Studio

     11/15/09 City of Industry — Genealogy of Power in Southern California


     11/13/09    365 … And Counting


     11/13/09    And the Annex Presents:  Writing on the Wall


     10/28/09    Getting and Keeping Health Care Insurance


     10/25/09   La Palabra Poetry:  Ruben “Funkahuatl” Guevara


     10/22/09 Papel Picado Workshop


     10/10/09 Muertos con Leche, Lighthearted and Satirical


     10/10/09 And The Annex Presents:  Dine with your Dead


  09/12/09    Alex Rubio:  Paintings and Drawings


  09/12/09   And The Annex Presents:  East of the River – Polaroids by John Tapia Urquisa


  09/09    On The Pulse


  08/22/09 4th Semi-Annual Fundraiser & Tardeada


     08/16/09 Singer Songwriter Walter Morciglio


     08/16/09 William Archila – The Art of Exile


     08/8/09 Preview Party for our 4th Semi-Annual Fundraiser

     08/1/09 El Sapo Concionero Presents:  Alfonso Maya

     07/22/09 La Palabra Poetry:  Luis Rodriguez

   07/11/09    Ashé – Blessings, Energy, Power


   07/11/09    And The Annex Presents:  Portraits of Contemporary Cuba


   07/4/09    Vintage Basket Sale and Auction


     06/28/09 La Palabra Poetry:  Laurel Ann Bogen

   06/24/09    CLA – Artists Rights Under CAPA and VERA

   06/13/09   3rd Zone:  Consistent Inconsistency


   06/13/09    And the Annex Presents:  100 Faces


   05/30/09    Bodies Mapping Time Poetry Evening:
A Celebration of Women: Body, Mind and Spirit


     05/24/09 La Palabra Poetry:  Amelia Ortiz


    05/11/09    East LA Rep Performs INTRINGULIS


   05/09/09    Bodies Mapping Time:  New Portraits of Women by J. Michael Walker


     05/09/09     The Annex Presents:  Earth Portraits


     05/8/09     The Sangeet School of World Music Presents Shplang Youth Ensemble


     05/3/09    Closing Event for Los Inbetweens: Artists Sin Barrios


     04/26/09 La Palabra Poetry:  Jerry Garcia


     04/11/09     Los Inbetweens:  Artists Sin Barrios


     04/11/09     The Annex Presents:  The Ark in the Annex


     04/5/09     SAA Squared:  Collage Workshop


  04/4/09     Swapping Spit: Translation as Representation


  04/2/09     Past and Present Poets


     03/22/09 Artists In Discussion:  SAA Squared


     03/21/09 Los De Abajo Presents:  Primavera


     03/14/09 SAA Squared


     03/07/09 World’s End: Celebrating Two Decades of the

eruda–O’Daly Ranchito


     03/02/09 Artists in Discussion – Intensidad

     02/14/09 And The Annex Presents:  Seeing Red


     02/14/09 Intensidad


     01/25/09 La Palabra Poetry:  Echo Space Poets


     01/08/09 A Night Of Poetry