2011 Exhibition Archive

10/2/11  Alchemi-Que? Forging Wholeness in Early Chicano Art and Identity

9/16/11  Poesia Para La Gente

  9/4/11  Closing Party for Ganas 2020 and Fortress of Solitude

  8/28/11  La Palabra Poetry:  David Romero and Matt Sedillo

  8/13/11  Ernesto Yerena:  Ganas 2020

  8/13/11  The Annex Presents:  Fortress of Solitude

   7/9/11  Glass Gourd Mosiac

  7/9/11  The Annex Presents:  Reheated

    7/7/11  Happy Hour Art Mixer and Preview Party

   7/3/11  By and For:  Democracy and Art — A Closing Event


   6/26/11   La Palabra Poetry:  Fernando Castro

   6/18/11   Closing Party for By and For

  6/18/11   Arts For All

  6/11/11  By and For:  Democracy and Art

  6/11/11  Visions of Highland Park

  6/4/11  Black/Brown Dialogues:  Inspiration House Poetry Choir

  6/4/11  Art Along The Red Line

  5/28/11  Make ‘Em All Mexican: Curator’s Talk

    5/22/11   La Palabra Poetry:  Vanessa Annibali and Frankie Hernandez

    5/21/11  Make ‘Em All Mexican: Artist Discussion

    5/14/11  Make ‘Em All Mexican


    5/7/11   Free Foley Poetry Reading


    5/6/11   Our Lady of Controversy Book Signing


    4/30/11   Artist Discussion with Eros and Earth Sky Artists


    4/16/11  Novem:  Estranged Vision


    4/9/11   Eros Reconsidered


    4/9/11   And The Annex Presents:  Earth Sky


    3/27/11   La Palabra Poetry:  Hector HecVortex Rivera and Abraham Medina

3/12/11   Embracing Democracy

3/12/11   And The Annex Presents:  The Political Art of Pete Bettencourt

3/7/11  Legit:  A Lincoln High School Art Show

2/27/11   La Palabra Poetry:  Yago Cura and Annette Cruz

    2/26/11  The Black/Brown Dialogues:  Inspiration House PoetryChoir

2/12/11   Circulo Magico/Magical Circle

2/12/11   And The Annex Presents:  Love Vibes