2012 Exhibition Archive

  12/15-16/12 Eighth Annual Holiday Sale & Party

    12/8/12 The Power of Movement

   12/8/12  The Annex Presents:  8″ x 8″ Benefit Art Auction


   11/10/12 Words on Paper

  11/10/12  The Annex Presents:  From Bukowski to St. John the Evangelist


       10/13/12 Que Te Vaya Bien

         10/13/12 The Annex Presents:  Guatemala: A Tribute


     07/28/12 Collectors Tour:  Collection of Gerald Buck


     07/20/12 Espejos Meet and Greet

     07/19/12 Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

     06/29/12 Local Color

     07/14/12 Espejos

     07/14/12 The Annex Presents:  Revolving Landscape

     06/09/12 Imagining Women

    06/09/12  The Annex Presents:  June Edmonds, Paintings

      04/14/12   Respect — A CalArts Student Show

     04/14/12  The Annex Presents:  Middlebrook:  I OWN Nigger!

      04/7/12   Discussion on Guadalupe Malintzin

      03/24/12   Collectors Tour:  Collection of Evelyn Meyer

      03/10/12   Guadalupe Malintzin — The Virgin and the Traitor

      03/10/12   The Annex Presents:  Andres Montoya — Scapes Real and Imagined

      02/23/12   From a Whisper to a Roar:  Artist Panel

      02/11/12   From a Whisper to a Roar

      02/11/12  The Annex Presents:  Here Is My Heart

      01/29/12   Conversation with Resurrected Histories Artists

      01/28/12   Novem:  Reanimate, A Reading of 5

    01/14/12   Resurrected Histories