Keepers of Memory: Women of the Diaspora & Displacement

Women are the heart of the home – Whether it is packing and carrying the heirlooms and keepsakes, or maintaining the physical space in a time of displacement – be it the backseat of a car or a tent in a refugee camp or building a home away from her traditional homelands. This exhibit redefines what it means to have or create a home in a time of or after displacement. An exhibit that honors and recognizes those matriarchs, the “memory keepers” – the storytellers, medicine makers, and life givers.  Featured artists include: 3FourthsArt, Adriana Rivera Garcia, Akemi Osajima, Alfie Ebojo AKA alfienumeric, Alisha Mernick, Arianna Perez, Cecille Cervancia, Cherisse Yanit Nadal, Clovita, Desiree Sanchez, Elana Mann, Eztli De Jesus, Flavia Zuniga West, Gabriella Claro, Guenevere Alapag-Spiller, Iris Boncales, Joan Zeta, Krystal Moya, Lyn Pacificar, Melissa Govea, Ni Santas, Teresa Mei Chuc, and more.