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“This series takes a look at the pleasure and challenges of being outdoors.  In recent years there has been an upsurge in the number of people seeking outdoor activities.  The surge has been partly driven by the advent of social media by those who want to post selfies in picturesque settings.  Moreover, there was also a surge in people seeking the great outdoors during the Covid pandemic.  When indoor places closed down during lockdown, many people realized being in nature increased their overall sense of well-being.  Studies show that doing activities like “forest bathing” can release anxiety and help relieve symptoms of depression.  Aside from going outdoors for recreational purposes, sometimes people find themselves without a choice but to be outdoors.  Some of the paintings depict a convergence between the outdoor community and the unhoused.  Due to increased cost of living, more and more people are finding themselves in alternative living conditions. Some find joy in camping, but for some it is home.”  –Arni Tecson