Out of the Shadows

Richard Valdes is a Los Angeles born and raised artist whose life and work span quite a few years. He is a graduate of Chinouard Art school, and was a student along with some of Chicano art’s modern masters. Richard oddly has never had a solo show. It’s his time now!

Working in the advertising business during the 1960’s and 70’s, one can say that he may have been the only person of Mexican descent who worked in that rarified mostly Anglo boys club. Proficient in many mediums, his pastels are for me, the special work that show what a great draughtsman he is.

Inspired by one of his friends, one Carlos Almaraz, you can see the influence Almaraz’ work has on Richard in the rich colors and shapes. In short, Valdes gives us in pastel what Almaraz gives us in multi- colored serigraphs. There are also paintings and a few collages in this show, letting us see the scope of Richard’s talent. There’s also works from a few of his different eras in art. A show not to be missed! –Kene J. Rosa