36 Exposures: images and discussion with Leopoldo Peña

Tuesday, December 10th

36 EXPOSURES: images and discussion with Leopoldo Peña


36 exposures: photography talks with sin turistas at avenue 50 studio

Leopoldo Peña is based in Los Angeles and photographs immigrant cultures and communities of california. Using symbolism and landscapes he reveals the dance we do to assimilate as americans. He himself migrated from michoacán to los angeles in 1992 and has shot for la opinión, grey magazine, retina and b&w magazine. He is also a founding member of “colectivo bajalta” that “documents the social circumstances of the three californias”.

The 36 EXPOSURES presentation coincides with the closing of Leopoldo’s show at the Avenue 50 Studio Annex. 36 Exposures discusses with photographer’s their motivation, process and the impact of their work. Photographers are invited to present 36 images or what used to be a roll of film via a digital slide show to discuss with other photographers of all levels and collectors their images and process.

Sin Turistas Photography Workshops and photographers study change in communities through photography. sin turistas’ photographers practise essay form, urban landscapes, street and portraiture photography among others.

sin turistas is an outreach program of Avenue 50 Studio.

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