Upcoming Blue Wall Exhibit

“The Yearbook Series” Lynn Heinz

Opening reception Saturday October 14th 3pm -5pm

Closing Saturday November 11th 3pm – 5pm

Everyone has their own memories and feelings about their high school experience.  I was not particularly happy at that time in my life.  I was anxious, shy, and uncomfortable in my own skin.  I always felt unable to meet the expectations that were required in order to be socially successful.

 With this project, I have revisited that time from the point of view of where I am now.  Some of these portraits are from my own senior yearbook and others I randomly selected from the internet. 

They are not nostalgic pictures, nor do they demonize the people portrayed.  By looking at them objectively, I can see how I have changed and grown.

I am able to see that they were just kids, just like me, with the same fears and insecurities.  I can affirm that my journey is taking me in the direction I need to travel.  I hope that the viewer can look at these paintings and consider their own journey and whether it’s where they want to be going.

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