6th Street Bridge Series by Roberto Gutierrez

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Avenue 50 Studio is highlighting a series of abstracts by Roberto Gutierrez created with Sumi Ink on archival watercolor paper. They are new interpretations of the cityscapes characteristic of his work; where he focuses on the 6th Street Bridge. The bridge was a historic Los Angeles monument that was an icon of Gutierrez’s childhood; it went through periods of neglect and restoration since its construction in the 1930’s, eventually condemned to be demolished. In 2016, the arduous demolition process commenced, and this monument of Los Angeles history was erased from the cityscape forever. Gutierrez paints the bridge in black ink against stark white paper, representing the subject in a strikingly urgent manner. Roberto Gutierrez’s Sixth Street Bridge abstractions are an ode to a now gone monument and a part of LA history, and a record of the ever changing landscape of this city.

6th Street Bridge Series, Sumi Ink abstractions on BFK Rives France archival paper, by Roberto Gutierrez. For inquiry, contact Avenue 50 Studio at avenue50studio@gmail.com or by phone at (323)258-1435.