A Perfect Pairing: Avenue 50’s Wine & Art Fundraiser

October 25th, 2014   2-6pm
$60 donation includes:

    • the opportunity to bid on a selection of hand-crafted wine in bottles painted by L.A. artists
    • a flight of wine-tasting
    • a glass of wine of your choice from the flight
    • delectable cheeses and savory finger foods
    • tour of wine cellar
    • tour of Francisco and Mercy’s art collection
    • mingling with artists and collectors! 

For tickets PAY HERE USING PAYPAL or contact Avenue 50 Studio at 323-258-1435. 
All proceeds benefit Avenue 50 Studio, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit art gallery. 

And don’t forget to place your bids! Take a look at the wine bottles HERE

El Discreto Encanto Del Vino /  The Discrete Charm of Wine


Avenue 50 Studio will be following our friend and local independent vitner, Francisco Fernández’ journey through the wine-making process, from crushing to finishing and finally, bottling & corking – and everything in between! We hope that you can join us along the way, and meet us on the 25th, where we can celebrate our vitners process, and taste these remarkable wines he’s made especially for us. 

The Process:

Phase 1: Crush & cold soak
Phase 2: Fermentation / concludes
Phase 3: Start of Extended Maceration.
               a) Cap begins to fall, producing less carbon dioxide (CO2).
               b) Daily protective treatment from CO2 cylinder.

As of October 14, 2014

Phase 3: Continuation of the Extended Maceration

The photo shows the addition of malolactic to encourage a secondary fermentation. A secondary or malolactic fermentation helps make the wine less acidic and more supple.


The following video shows the masceration process. Stirring insures proper distribution of the malolactic. The bin is thereafter sealed and treated with CO2.

As of October 8th, 2014

Phase 3: Start of Extended Maceration

Extended masceration continues. The more the skins & juice mingle, the richer the wine. The protective of cap grape skins begins to recede exposing more of the new wine/liquid which requires CO2 protection to prevent oxidation.



As of September 30th, 2014

Phase 1: Crush & cold soak
Phase 2: Fermentation / concludes

80% Crush, 20% Whole Berry
3-day Cold Soak
into the….
10-day Fermentation Cycle. Max Temperature 80f.
Today’s Hydrometer Reading: Minus 2 Brix (dry). Temp 74f.

IMG_2373 IMG_2392


Sip handcrafted wine by longtime home winemaker, Francisco Fernández, as you explore an exhibition and sale of art showcasing the work of 12 prominent Los Angeles artists:

Raoul De la Sota, Jose Lozano, Margaret Sosa, Andres Montoya, Linda Arreola, Sergio Teran, Joe Bravo, J. Michael Walker, Jose Ramirez, Peter Hess, Ramon Ramirez, Emilia Garcia, and Rod Smith.

Francisco’s wines are handcrafted from grapes selected from the many premiere wine grape regions throughout California. He will provide an overview of his wine making techniques and also give a tour of the contemporary art collection he and his wife Mercedes Narez, MD have collected over many years.

This event will showcase an exhibition and sale of painted wine-bottles from 12 prominent Los Angeles artists. The bottles have been selected from Francisco’s wine library—non-commercial quality wines he has personally crafted over the years. Attendees will be invited to taste a variety of wines that comprise this valuable and exclusive painted bottle collection.

Admission: $60 per person.
Appetizers will be served.


When: October 25, 2014 from 2-6pm
Where: Home of Dr. Mercedes Narez and Francisco Fernández

For ticket information, please contact Avenue 50 Studio at 323 258 1435

or buy your tickets now, using PayPal!
All proceeds benefit Avenue 50 Studio, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit art gallery.