Animating the Archives: An Evening of Women’s Performance

An Evening of Women’s Performance

Animating the Archives

With Performances by Raquel Gutierrez, Hackers of Resistance, Marissa Magdalena and J. Alex Mathews

The Woman’s Building was critical to the development of this art form in the 1970s. A new generation will demonstrate how performance has evolved. “Fissures in Frisson” is a performative rendering of inter-generational memoir of politicized eros as Raquel Gutiérrez embodies a discursive history of Los Angeles lesbian movement making. “Hackers of Resistance” take direct action to demand freedom of assembly without fear of surveillance; they seek to hack back and reprogram our world, one power structure at a time. In “L/D” — Marissa Magdalena investigates the through line that extends from the Woman’s Building’s past into present day through conversations between artists to whom the Woman’s Building was foundational and their mentees; from these dialogues Marissa will create art pieces to be worn on the body. The title refers to “Lift Over Drag,” the ratio necessary to achieve flight. “Strike Light” – by J. Alex Mathews explores gestural accumulation inspired by the “STRIKE” of light of a match; this project re-imagines Cheri Gaulke’s The Postcard Project: Our Heroines, Arlene Raven’s Picture This, or, Why is Art Important? and Jane O’Reilly’s feminist reclamation of “CLICK,” described as the moment we see that something is wrong with the world portrayed at face value and resounds in a woman-deaf, woman-blind world as an earth shattering revelation.

Saturday, May 27 at 7 PM – 10 PM

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