Back to Black


Curated by Kayla Salisbury and Peter Woods

“You can’t help it. An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times.” Words by Nina Simone in reference to the Civil Rights Era, yet it seems even more relevant now than ever before. We often see how history repeats itself, how it adapts, changes, grows, or, appears to not grow at all. Now, like often in history worldwide, major changes sparks a fire under artists to react and create. There’s a need for people to share their stories, stand up and own their truths. This is the time to be powerful and this is the time to be loud.

Avenue 50 has put together a collection of predominately Black and Brown artists locally and across the states with amazing artwork all with one common thread – the desire to rewrite narratives, share experiences, capture a story that they feel is unique to the Black culture.

Back to Black gets back to the source of the pain; the source of inspiration. Let’s give power and voice to the Black artists of now. No one else can tell these views or describe these emotions of what it is to be black in this day and age, it is our story to tell. Back to Black gets back to the original, the root, and this exhibition gives these Black Artists the spotlight. It is the space to express themselves about whatever light and dark, Black joy or pain, political or interpersonal experience or story the artists chooses to vulnerably let you in to see. In which we are forever appreciative of.

Displaying Works by: Floyd Strickland, Kern Bruce, Edward Cushenberry, Dezmond Crockett, Dare Coulter, Rachelle Jade, Medar De La Cruz, Niko Laus, Lester Guijarro, Gustavo Oliver, Jamaal Tolbert, Lou Padilla, Kayla Salisbury and others.