Black & Brown Love is Revolutionary

Black & Brown

Avenue 50 Studio presents an exhibition of Black and Brown solidarity, a show that gives praise to art that is unapologetically Black, Brown, Resilient, and Powerful. It is important to bring awareness of the next generation of artists of color whose voices will become the new powerful agents of change and drive. The artwork provided not only portrays resistance against all forms of oppression but honors the diverse cultures that make up communities of Color.

While there is no universal code or standard for Black/Brown behavior; sticking together, looking out for one another and embracing the concept of Black/Brown Love has always been a cultural trait of communities of color. As bodies continue to pile up, whether it be in the belly of the prison industrial complex or the morgue, we must steel ourselves for the turbulent times approaching. In this calm before the storm, Avenue 50 Studio would like to hold space for reflection and meditation on Black/Brown Love and its myriad magnificent manifestations.

BLACK & BROWN LOVE IS REVOLUTIONARY centers art as a weapon for activism and views everyday life through the eyes of local artists. Avenue 50 Studio supports the next generation of artists of color because love is a revolutionary act of resistance.


Adam Villanueva
Adrian Alfaro
Andrea Santizo
Bernyce Talley
Billy Burgos
Boris Bhadknoff
Chelle Barbour
Clairfoster J. Brown
Felix Deon
Felix Quintana
Frohawk 2 Feathers
Jamie Chavez
Jessica Rocha
Jimmy Saldivar
Joaquin Guzman
Joseph Botello
Karla Camacho
LP Akili Ross
Lynn Ellishaw
Manuel Lopez
Mario Hernandez
Olani Ewunnet
Olivia Davis
Olivia Ramos
Oscar Magallanes
Saida Largaespada
Sarahe Roman
Sheku Kowai
Steven Rivera
Valencia Monroe
Valentina Zapata
Waithira Agnes
Wayne Perry
Wendell Wiggins
Yvonne Ruiz

Opening night reception: Saturday, February 11, 2017 starting at 7:00
Exhibit runs from February 11 through March 4, 2017