Dancing Cantos of an Evicted Pueblo

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Avenue 50 Studio’s Community Gallery presents:

Dancing Cantos of an Evicted Pueblo

In Dancing Cantos of an Evicted Pueblo, the Northeast Los Angeles Alliance (NELAa) transforms the community gallery at Avenue 50 Studio into an action hub for creative action that address the ill effects of gentrification on the neighborhood directly outside of the gallery’s walls.

An exhibition framework that includes installations and archival material highlights the groups performative actions, visual strategies and community organizing efforts while setting the stage for a continuous activation of the exhibition space throughout the duration of the exhibit. In this way, the exhibition will both introduce the audience to the anti­gentrification work that NELAa is dedicated to as well as extend an invitation for the audience to collaborate with NELAa. Work parties with local residents, a panel discussion, cultural programming, and workshops will build toward a culminating event in which “artwork” will literally be taken off the gallery walls and inserted into the local landscape.

Opening night included a procession and performance of “Testimonios del Barrio” a work that represents NELAa’s commitment to centering the voice of those most affected by the changes brought by gentrification.

August 13th, 2016 – September 3rd, 2016.

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Panel Discussion: Visions of the Future Los Angeles: Land, Community and Housing.

Mask Making Workshop.

Indigo River Tie Dye Workshop

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