El Pueblo de Wyvernwood: The Memories, The Movement, and the Struggles Continue

"Boy," Adriana Carranza and Alfonso Aceves

“Boy,” Adriana Carranza and Alfonso Aceves

the Annex Presents:

El Pueblo de Wyvernwood:  The Memories, The Movement, and the Struggles Continue

Featuring the artwork of:
Adriana Carranza  | Alfonso Aceves


Wyvernwood Garden Apartments in Boyle Heights opened in 1939 and spans nearly seventy acres. It is the first large-scale garden apartment complex in Los Angeles. With its innovative layout and park-like setting, its design fostered a unique sense of community that has thrived for generations and now encompasses more than 6,000 residents…The owner of Wyvernwood, Fifteen Group Land and Development LLC, proposes to replace the entire complex with a $2 billion new mixed-use development. Many Wyvernwood residents have strongly opposed the demolition of their home. Long-term tenants attest to the close-knit community and family ties spanning generations, fostered by the complex’s innovative design. – Los Angeles Conservancy

Please join the Avenue 50 Studio in welcoming Adriana Carranza and Alfonso Aceves in exhibiting a new body of prints portraying their neighbors, the tenants of the Wyvernwood Garden Apartments.

Our story begins with the LOVE we have for our community of Wyvernwood in Boyle Heights. Wyvernwood Garden Apartments is home to thousands of families, including our own, and is in danger of being demolished. The people who live here have inspired us to transform our thoughts and conversations about what this place really means to us. We found that the value of Wyvernwood lies deep within each resident who shares their own story of memories growing up in an environment of open green fields, great neighbors, cultural events, parties, and soccer games.

In the end……. This place matters because WE matter.  Using our voices through art as a form of resistance, we hope to reflect our memories, our movement, and our struggle to save Wyvernwood.

Opening Night Reception: Saturday, August 9th | 7pm-10pm