Deep River

“Deep River” by Ruth DeNicola. $100

“Deep River”

Collage on wood
12” x 16”

The Deep River piece came from the serenity of the Ultima character and her depth of knowledge of unseen powerful forces that some are naturally able to access.

I feel a warm kinship with Anaya’s 9-year old protagonist in Bless Me Ultima because of my identical 9-year old issues with the Church and original sin and my pull toward pantheism and the mysteries of the natural world.

About Ruth DeNicola:
“I have had three lives in art—scientific illustration with my husband in major museums, doll-making that was shown nationally, and my art life in Highland Park starting with Acorn Gallery, Avenue 50 Studio, Cactus Gallery, and Discovery Tours with the Arroyo Arts Collective. I have also been in 14 exhibitions at MorYork Gallery showing assemblage, collage, and jewelry.”