Leonard Greco, “Goblin Market”



Works by Leonard Greco

At this stage of my life, off center of a century, I am grappling with ways in which to express my “being-ness.” Unable to avoid the “who am I” question any longer, I find myself, as a visual artist reaching beyond my usual studio practice of oil painting into diverse disciplines including figures in the round. The figures are essentially dolls, and are fashioned by fully embracing the preconceived sissy element of this art. It is in this extension of my practice that I am exploring, at this late stage, my identity as a queer and terrified man; the specter of the pansy boy I was being given new voice in my latest ongoing project, “Fairyland.” It is in this new series of projects, where paint, needle and thread give expression and validation to a long suppressed self loathing.

The very name “Fairyland,” a word once delivered with bloody blows transcends beyond with a message of empathy, compassion, pride, and I hope, humor. Reclaiming the fairy has been empowering. The art I attempt to create is intended to express the spirit of furtive repression breaking free.

Opening Night Reception: Saturday, July 8, 2017 from 7-10 pm

Exhibition runs July 8, 2017 – August 5, 2017