Hear Our Voices!

Hear Our Voices!
A Women-centric Group Art Exhibition

Our vision for a feminist future demands that we hold each other and all others accountable in this fight for equity. Women, especially women of color, have been deprived of basic rights for centuries. Women’s rights have historically been attacked with laws in place to ensure power is not in the hands of women. This is seen in anti-abortion laws, weak or non-existent rape laws, pay equity and discrimination, or educational laws that keep women oppressed through lack of education. We need to change the unwritten rule that women are less able than men. The future is not only female, but it’s intersectional. We need to share our stories. This includes the experiences of all women-identified folks. When we share stories about our experiences, we share the fight for empowerment and march towards the next feminist future in unity.

Artists: Amanda Kaufman, Arni Tecson, Ashley Gibbons, Clara Chavez, Cora Ramirez-Vasquez, Danielle Ashton, Green Corn Collective, Hedy Viviana Torres Cardenas, Hilda Stark, Jaklin Romine, Jean Brantley, Kerrie Smith, Kristy Sandoval, Laurie Evans, Madeline Alvizo, Mariona Barkus, Mireya Alonzo, Nune Nersesyan, Olga Ponomarenko, Riea Owens, Sabina Arias, Salina Canizales, Vakseen LLC, Susan Arena, and Sophia Gasparian.

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 12, 2018. 7-10 PM
Exhibition Dates: May 12 through June 2, 2018.

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