I Ain’t Gonna Sit and Let The World Go By

Avenue 50 Studio’s Satellite Gallery is proud to present:

I Ain’t Gonna Sit and Let The World Go By

Photography by Aydinaneth Ortiz

This stunning exhibit includes images from her family’s albums, her personal archive, and photographs documenting the aftermath of her brother’s death at the hands of her other brother struggling with schizophrenia.

The images range from family portraits to amateur snapshots to composed photographs taken both inside and outside of the home. Included is a single scan of the restraining order that briefly explains how Geovany lost his life. She ends her story with an old family portrait of her siblings and herself.

April 9th 2016 through Saturday May 7th 2016
@ MAN Insurance 1270 N. Avenue 50 at York.
(323) 258-1435