LAC + USC Hub Exhibitions

The Avenue 50 Studio has been commissioned by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission to curate three art exhibitions for the Violence Intervention Program Forensic Center and Community-based Assessment and Treatment Center at the newly renovated LAC+USC Medical Center Outpatient Department.  Our goal for these exhibitions is to create a welcoming and inviting space within the Clinic that reflects a comforting, engaging, humorous, or familiar theme and to use the “walls” as a space to sooth and engage the audience.  Our second objective is to utilize art to connect the LAC+USC campus with the community of artists and to our NELA neighborhood.  We are very proud to have been chosen to use art in the services of those who need it the most.

Local Color Exhibit No. 1

Clusters — Personal Vision Exhibit No. 2

Boyle Heights — Arte, Vida y Amor Exhibit No. 3