Organized by Leah Knecht and Patricia Woodlin

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, July 14, 7pm – 10pm
A six-women exhibition that encompasses the concept of metamorphosis/transformation from different perspectives, and in various media. As our country is undergoing a drastic transformation, including politically, we as women artists felt that by forming our own group, a “Women’s Art Circle,” we could create opportunities and make more of a contribution to society collectively, rather than individually.
Chantal Giddens: Chantal’s work depicts metamorphosis of the soul, in large format mystical paintings.
Leah Knecht: Leah transforms trash into art, recycling our consumerist waste into wall sculptures.
Renee Rusak Strouse: Renee addresses the metamorphosis of nature into man-made landscapes, through aerial photography.
Blandine Saint-Oyant: Blandine transforms oil paint into liquid that she pours to create beautiful, fluid and organic abstractions.
Shaney Watters: Shaney, an avid animal lover, is presenting a series of works addressing the extinction of a subspecies and asks the viewer to consider what this transformative loss means.
Patricia Woodlin: Patricia’s photomontage’s reflect ancestral, social and cultural metamorphosis, constantly in flux.

Exhibition Dates: July 14 – August 5, 2018