Mujeres de luz y de sombra

Mujeres de luz y de sombra

Exhibit runs: March 8th – April 5th, 2014

Cecilia Aguilar Castillo – Video of an Urban Intervention
Olivia Barrionuevo – Photography
Angela Roa – Singer/Songwriter
Marianne Sadowski – Mixed Media
Beatriz Valls – Video

A multidisciplinary exhibit that portrays the essence of women in light and in shadow. From subtle to bold, within memory and presence, through strength and vulnerability, trapped in a repetition of history, in our minds, in the streets of Mexico City or a poetic phrase in a song, Cecilia Aguilar Castillo, Olivia Barrionuevo, Angela Roa, Marianne Sadowski and Beatriz Valls present works with a personal reflection on being a woman.

Mexican performance artist Cecilia Aguilar Castillo presents “Guadalupanas de la Calle”, a video of an urban intervention, in which the artist depicts the social reality of prostitution, a marginalized world in the heart of Mexico City, where art, religion and exclusion collide.

Through her photo installation, Olivia Barrionuevo explores memory. In some way autobiographical, from the first steps into life, with questions and thorns along the way, her poetic photographs depict moments of the journey to become a woman.

Chilean born singer/songwriter Angela Roa with her indelible passion and mellifluous voice captures, through her musical work, the experience of exile and personal loss. In a special performance on March 8th, Roa will interpret songs that reflect on hardships, resistance, woman’s struggles and simple tenderness. Her poetry and rhythms include genres like the Latin American “New Song”, Boleros, Bossa Nova and Afro-Latin rhythms.

Marianne Sadowski’s mixed media artworks convey ideas of contradiction, strength, opposition, and beauty, within a woman’s life. In these pieces, Sadowski uses fragile Kozo paper that she strengthens by pasting many pieces together, exploring the idea essential to women, that togetherness makes even the most delicate strong.

“Loneliness, A New Beginning” is a participatory artwork by artist Beatriz Valls. The structure of the narration is comprised of women living in Los Angeles who share the experience of loneliness. The composition of the video flows from idea, association, processing and confrontation of loneliness.

Curated by Marianne Sadowski

Please enjoy a Facebook photo album of photos from our Opening Reception by Martha Benedict: HERE

VIDEO by Clyde Gillett from Opening Reception night: HERE