The Tenochtitlan Mural: Historic Cultural Nomination


Let’s protect this mural by turning it into a Historic Cultural Nomination

A little bit of history behind this piece…

Tenochtitlan: The Wall that Talks is a mural painted on the exterior wall of the commercial building located at 6039 North Figueroa Street at the corner of North Avenue 61 Council District 1) in the Historic Highland Park neighborhood of Northeast Los Angeles, California. The mural is at street level and can be observed from the intersection of North Figueroa Street and North Avenue 61. Painted in vibrant colors Tenochtitlan: The Wall that Talks runs along North Avenue 61 and is 12 feet high and 75 feet long.  The mural, strife with symbolism, features a 12 feet high and 70 feet long feathered serpent, the Aztec God Quetzacoatl, which cradles depictions of historical scenes and figures that emphasize the Mexican and Central American’s Indigenous heritage, knowledge, culture, technology, philosophy and spirituality with an awareness of the kinship between the original peoples of Turtle Island, the area known as North and Central America. The images thematically address Chicano contributions to social political movements throughout history and up to the resurgence of Chicanismo in the 90s.

Please join us on Thursday, September 15, starting at 10:00 am for a Zoom presentation to the Cultural Heritage Commission in support of our recommendation to approve Cultural Monument status for the Mexico-Tenochtitlan mural.

How to Help

The agenda is posted online with links to materials related to items on the agenda and instructions for accessing the meeting hosted on Zoom link below:

All members of the public who wish to provide public comment will have access to the live Zoom meeting video, but can also join via phone for audio-only access. Meeting participants will be automatically muted upon entry.

If you are planning to call into the meeting to speak on our agenda item as part of the presentation, you will appear simply as a phone number on the Zoom screen accessible to the Commission and Planning staff. In order to identify you upon entry into the meeting and unmute you when it is your time to speak, please e-mail the following information by Wednesday, September 14:

  1. Case Number/Agenda Item you represent.
  2. Full Name
  3. Whether you will be participating by phone or online
  4. Phone Number you will be using to dial in (if calling in) [NOTE: Blocked numbers will not be allowed to speak since the Commission Office will not be able to see/identify a number to call out for your turn to speak.]

Instructions for Public Comment

The easiest option is to email the committee your comments and concerns to help protect this magnificent mural, but please do so before Wednesday, September 14 5pm. Below are the steps on how to send your email to .

In the subject line of your email type:

CASE NO.: CHC-2022-5945-HCM

ENV-2022-5946-CE, Tenochtitlan: The Wall That Talks

In the body of the email, type your support:

I support designating the Mexico-Tenochititlan mural a cultural monument in our community because__________________

No need to know the cultural meanings symbolized in the mural in order to give your support.

You must submit your email before Wednesday at 5:00 pm.

If you do not have access to Zoom, members of the public who wish to provide public comment will be able to listen or view the meeting via their phone or other electronic device. Each speaker’s audio will be unmuted as they are called upon. Speakers are typically given 1-2 minutes to speak and at the end of the time limit, you will hear a buzzer sound or verbal indicator. Soon thereafter, your audio will again be muted.

To comment on an agenda item online via Zoom, use the login information provided above. Following the Commission President calling the item, click the “Raise Hand” button at the bottom of your screen. Commission Office staff will call your name, if available, when it is your turn to speak. You will see a prompt stating, “The Host would like to unmute you.” Please click on “Unmute.”

If you would like to offer public comment over the phone, use the following information (please follow the steps below):

Call (213) 338-8477 or (669) 900-9128 and use Meeting ID: 81020561535 and then press #.
Press # again when prompted for Participant ID. You may use passcode: 638501

To comment on an agenda item, press *9 to “raise your hand” virtually following the Commission President calling the item. Commission staff will call upon speakers using the last four digits of the phone number, if available.

Thank you so much everyone for your support of this historic mural.