North of the Grapevine

North of the Grapevine

Works by Artists from California’s Central Valley

Curated by Frank Delgado, Director, Arte Américas, Fresno

The San Joaquin Valley is widely and frequently recognized as a world leader in agricultural production, yet often overlooked for its contributions in the areas of visual and performing arts. This is even unfortunately the case with a great number of its own residents.

Frank Delgado is the Director/Curator of the Central California Latino cultural center Arte Américas. He conceptualized the simple framework of this multi-venue/interstate exhibition project while transporting artwork over the infamously unpredictable 40-mile mountain stretch of Interstate-5 connecting the Central and Southern California regions known as “The Grapevine.” The formula is to present works by artists who enjoy name recognition in their own regions, to gallery enthusiasts unfamiliar with their works just on the opposite end of the treacherous, four-lane, mid-state corridor. 2017 marks the second year that concurrent exhibitions are being presented in artspaces in both Los Angeles and Fresno. As you enjoy this grouping, Fresno is being introduced to LA’s Sergio Teran and Rick Ortega.

Works featured in this year’s Avenue 50 Studio grouping represent a multigenerational collection of both veteran and emerging artists, whose work has contributed to the success of Arte Américas. Men and women who have contributed their efforts to nurturing the creative
and socio-political aesthetics of the Valley’s Chicano/Latino community

Featuring Works by:

Frank Ayala
Steven Camacho
Mauro Carrera
Carlos Alberto Cisneros
Danny De Meza
Teresa Flores
Richard Gomez
Samantha Lazcano
Manuel Martinez
Adam Mena
Vincent Mendez
Carlos Perez
Ruben Sanchez
F. John Sierra
Andrea Torres
Oscar Torres
Priscila Torres

Opening Night Reception:  Saturday, July 8, 2017 from 7-10 pm

Exhibit runs July 8 through August 5, 2017