Politics of the Plate

Avenue 50 Studio is proud to present:



Politics of the Plate explores food through identity, social significance and the ever-continuing class struggle. We are challenging artists to produce work in any medium regarding how food can heal and be part of health, family remembrances of your mom’s cooking, or to speak more politically regarding the politics of food. Food is power. From GMO produced food to Coca-Cola’s troubles regarding the safety of bisphenolA (the plastic coating lining the inside of Coke cans), corporations world-wide are making dangerous decisions regarding our food production. Yet, we know that food can heal and be part of our health system. As a society, we need to think twice about what’s on our dinner plate.

Robert Lowden
Jaydee Dizon
Nancy Buchanan
Jacqueline Drager
Kim Abeles
Fallen Fruit (David Burns and Austin Young)
Art Carrillo
Arni Texson
Debra Broz
Khalid Hussein
Lindsay Carron
Susanna Negrete
Leo Eguiarte
Jose Ramirez
Kacy Treadway
Molly Surazhsky
A Pop Up Kitchen by The Experimental Quesadilla Lab
The Experimental Quesadilla Lab is a pop-up kitchen, recipe and discourse exchange. It twists the traditional quesadilla by opening dialog about Chicano/Latino/California culture through the assemblage of participant-guided quesadillas.

Opening Night Reception: March 12, 2016 from 7-10 pm
Exhibit runs through April 2, 2016