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On March 8 of 2015 Avenue 50 Studio’s Bluebird Reading Series presented BLESS THE ASHES, in the spirit of the Inspiration House PoetryChoir. This voice music presentation featured poets Peter J. Harris, Cecilia Woloch, Hiram Sims, and S. Pearl Sharp with musicians Curtis Robertson Jr., Tracy Wannomae, Maia, and Clint Patterson. The presentation was un-rehearsed and completely improvised, to revolve around the themes of Peter J. Harris’s Bless the Ashes.

It’s rare to have something so special recorded, for future remembering, so we’re grateful to be able to share this moment in our history, with you our friends, with the hope that you might find this as inspirational and moving as we did.


Resurrected Histories: 12 Minute Exclusive Trailer Release

from Avenue 50 Studio on YouTube

This is an Exclusive Trailer Release for our film.
Resurrected Histories: Voices from the Chicano Arts Collectives of Highland Park

From the late 1960s to the early 1980s Highland Park in Northeast Los Angeles was home to the influential Chicana/o artists collectives Mechicano Art Center and “Centro de Arte Publico”, which included among their members some of the most important Chicana/o artists of their time: Carlos Almaraz, Frank Romero, Judithe Hernandez, Teddy Sandoval, Gilbert Magu Lujan, Leo Limon, Barbara Carrasco, and John Valadez. In stark contrast to the upscale galleries of West Los Angeles, where an individualistic conceptual art was taking root, Highland Park was becoming home to an art form that emphasized the themes of community, cultural pride, and economic struggle. Though influenced by the great Mexican muralists of the previous generation, these artists developed a unique commentary on the civil rights and community struggles of their day.

An oral history project founded by the California Council for the Humanities.

Interviewers: Sarah Meacham, Sybil Venegas
Interviewees: Guillermo Bejarano, Barbara Carrasco, Richard Duardo, Sonya Fe, Judithe Hernandez, Leo Limon, Pauline Mesa, Patricia Parra, Joe Rodriguez, John Valadez, Victor Valle, Sybil Venegas
Edited by Abel Alejandre
Music by Josh Garcia

Partners: California Council for the Humanities, KCET, Atelier Visit, the James Irvine Foundation


What is Avenue 50 Studio?
Interview with Director, Kathy Gallegos
uploaded by Yoselin Montes-Castillo

Poesia Para La Gente features Leonso “El Revolucionario” Martinez,
at the Day Laborer Job Training Center at Home Depot, May 2013


Poesia Para La Gente –
Poetry Underground Rides LA Metro To Bring Spoken Word To The Masses, June 2013