Spirits of the Desert

Curated by Denise Lugo

Artist Isabel Martinez shares with us her latest works “Spirits of the Desert”. They serve as visually abstracted documentation of herNagual shamanistic ritual with the Huichols in the desert of San Luis Potosi in Mexico. This body of work breaks away from her more long established painterly and highly figurative work.

This innovative and important “Spirits of the Desert” exhibition provides the rare opportunity to witness an artistic breakthrough which allows viewers into the artist’s metaphoric and allegorical abstract vision. Each of these abstracted art works function as futuristic windows, which provide the opportunity to become part of her vision of the world through this ancient Nahuatl shamanistic journey.

Many of these painted images in the exhibition are timeless, having been recorded and frozen in time within Mesoamerican petroglyphs which have been part of the ancient Mexican and Central American landscape long before the Spanish. As you walk and look closely at each image; you are taken along with her though time and space into the universal abstraction of energy.

Exhibition is on view until April 7, 2018.