Spiritual Medicines

Religion is rooted in need. Society batters us, government ignores us,safety nets are disappearing. We seek ways to heal and protect ourselves. Spiritual Medicines is an exhibition in which spirituality, a belief in a power greater than ourselves, is evaluated In all its myriad forms.  Solace is a state of peace.  Spiritual medicines seeks to bring us to that place of solace. Please join us as we question what is that Spiritual Medicine that speaks to seekers of the indefinable.

Sponsored by UCLA’s Latin American Institute and featuring

Raoul De la Sota
Isabel Martinez
Richard Turner
Eddy Bello Sandoval
Ruth DiNicola
Rebeca Guerrero
Sergio Teran
Scott Froschauer
J. Michael Walker

Opening Night reception:  Saturday, April 8, 2017
April 8 through May 6, 2017