La Palabra Reading

may 2016 flyer

Sunday May 22,2016
2:00 – 4:00 | FREE


To Tell A Story 

2 Session Workshop + Lectures
with Mercedes Gertz

“Who in the world am I? That’s the great puzzle.” – Lewis Carroll

To Tell a Story… V.2 is a two session, dialogue-based workshop on identifying with an archetype, and using it for the construction of a story/tale. We will focus on tales that have a beginning, middle, and end. The workshop will guide participants through drawings, words, or other alternative modes of expression to discover and understand the importance of their own personal narratives.

By addressing the anxieties of the current moment, we will revision our own folktales and recontextualize them for modern times.

Session 1 
Origins of fairy tales + their psychological meaning / Identifying personal archetypes.
We will share our favorite stories, and introduce the character in its environment.

Session 2 
Freudian and Jungian concepts of visiting the unconscious.
Once archetype has been defined, we will give it a voice so that it may tell a story.

For more info on the instructor, or to reserve your seat
please call Kathy Gallegos at 323-258-1435. 

Sundays June 5 & 12, 2016
2:00 – 4:00 | $20 each session, per person

Avenue 50 Studio’s Main Gallery Presents:

JuneCard3Proof-page-001 (1)

Under the Skin: Revealing Portraits

curated by Nancy Buchanan

Donovan Vim Crony
Nancy Mizuno Elliott
Jos Sances

Opening Night Reception:
Saturday, June 11, 7–10pm

Closing reception on July 2, 2016 featuring:

The Great Tortilla Conspiracy, which is the world’s most dangerous tortilla art collective. Modeling themselves after the Free Masons, artists Jos Sances, Rene Yañez, Rio Yañez, and Art Hazelwood bring the gospel of tortilla art to the masses like no other.

Avenue 50 Studio’s Annex Gallery presents:

adam villanueva
Paintings Under The Influence

Blacklight paintings by Adam Vilanueva.

Adam Villanueva is a self taught Artist from Los Angeles. He started doing flyers for local bands and eventually he started experiencing with comic style and psychedelic art. Including black light paintings and stop motion animation.

Opening Night Reception:
Saturday, June 11, 7–10pm
exhibit runs through July 2, 2016


Avenue 50 Studio’s Community Gallery presents:

art of comics

Art of The Comic

A comic book inspired exhibit featuring:

Lalo Alcaraz
Carlos Saldana
Jules Rivera
Lonnie Millsap
Graciela Rodriguez
Rafael Navarro
Beyrnece Talley
Kiyoshi Nakazawa
Javier Hernandez
Sarah Roman
John Narcomey

Curated by Javier Hernandez and co-sponsored by The Latino Comic Expo

and on July 3rd we bookend the exhibit with the 1st ever Highland Park Comic Con featuring over 30 independent and established comic book makers.

Opening Night Reception: June 11, 2016