Walking Echos

Works by Sandra Vista

“My upcoming exhibition at Ave 50 Studio ‘Walking Echos’ consists of four mixed media series primarily with beads as a material.  The  bead series focuses on my formal concerns of pattern, repetition, and lines in space. The beaded gourd series which began over twenty years ago during a visit to my family home in Arizona. While in Arizona I purchased the dried gourds and began adhering strings of beads to them. The zipper tab series began in 2009 when I was curating a show of mixed media artists. The beaded brick cellphone series “Knowledge Only Goes So Far”, was inspired by an urban clothing designer who began designing in New York in the 1990’s. The most current walking stick series began a couple of years ago with wanting to make a Christmas gift for my brother.  My grandfather was a tailor, and my father was a buyer of fabrics and sewing notions.  I see myself as a descendent using similar materials in an innovative way.”

December 02, 2023 through December 30th, 2023