Into My Living Blood

*SOLD* “Into My Living Blood” by Cidne Hart

“Into My Living Blood”

fabric, including discharged linen, eco print, and cyanotype; 19” x 25”; 2020; $300

I recently reread Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me Ultima. I was struck by the land described by Anaya and the boy’s memories associated with the farmland of his mother’s family and the mesas of his father’s family.

In this piece I portrayed those landscapes using fabric by combined some techniques new to me such as discharging color from dark fabric and eco printing along with the quilt-sewing I have done throughout my life. Sewing and fabric evoke deep-seated memories in me of my mother’s family in Arizona.

About Cidne Hart:
Cidne Hart learned photography and graphics at Liberation News Service in New York City in the 1970s. After making her way across the country, she raised a daughter and worked in printing companies.

She never attended an art school, but she has taken many art classes such as printmaking, letterpress, and alternative photographic processes. She never plans to stop taking classes. She learned some newer processes, such as eco printing, online.

Constantly experimenting when tackling something new, she always tries to combine the techniques she loves into new structures.

A resident of Highland Park for 33 years, she has shown her work in local galleries such as Avenue 50 Studio, Future Gallery, and MorYork Gallery, and in other parts of California and Hawaii and Wisconsin. She has had solo shows in Los Angeles and France.