Ghost of Smoke

By Janet Macias

Trance within confinement,
Rules obeyed.
Happiness became conspiracy through the killing of hummingbirds.
Origins of melted leaves,
Solidify through the raining tears of weeping children.
Beauty defined by conservatives makes clones of indigenous hearts into plastic.
Consequences of our betrayal,
Paid with the flesh of our bodies.
Flesh burned,
Smiles sewn on faces through civilized entanglement.
Advertised to perfection,
The creation is manufactured by corporations,
Revealed as the sustainable future.
Eyes of the masses,
Veiled by common comfort.
Introduced into submission,
We surrender our mind into captivity,
Turning the flickering flame into a ghost of smoke.
Detached from earth,
We attach ourselves to dependency on invisible life.

© 2015

This poem was submitted as part of our communal poetry project, voces (voices) of the people (poets). If you’d like to contribute, please review the link, and send your poem to

BB Feb 2015