Voces of the People

a communal poetry project

run away

“Run Away,” Andres Montoya

Poets, writers and artists are usually at the forefront of a struggle. 2014 was not without struggles; black lives matter, Ayotzinapa 43, LGBTQ equality, immigration reform, wage slavery, gentrification, the list goes on, and on, and on. In February of 2015, Avenue 50 Studio invited artists to visually discuss the issue(s) most prominent in our world. And of course, we decided that for the February edition of the Bluebird Reading we should invite poets, writers, and the community to share with us the issues that concern them, you…us. The Bluebird Reading on February 15th is entirely open mic (3 minutes max), beginning at 2pm, and with no set ending time. This is an opportunity to have all of our voices heard.

This page is devoted to the voces (voices) of the people, of the community.

BB Feb 2015


I’ve Been a Woman, by Alexandra Hohmann
Trust Worthy
, by Julie Britzman Van Brasch
Nowhere Left to Turn
, by Yvonne M. Estrada
Howl Again, by Emily Fernandez
My Middle Aged Punk Band, by Margaret Garcia
Ghost of Smoke, Janet Macias
the cage, by Devin Murphy
Give Me Questions (On the Eve of Gulf War, August 1990), by Jeff Rogers
Los Angeles, The City That Un-paths, Re-frames, and Refrains, by Josette Siqueros
injustice, by Wyatt Underwood
Eat It, by Trista Hurley-Waxali

Please submit your poetry to betweenfigandyork@gmail.com if you’d like it to be published on our website, furthering the distance your voice is heard.

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