Los Angeles, The City That Un-paths, Re-frames, and Refrains

by Josette Siqueiros

Los Angeles, the city that un-paths its soul of cement,
Struggles constantly to re-frame
And reftain its existance.

Los Angeles, what’s it going to be?
How are you going to survive with so much

You are witness-ing day to day
Whom your trees are shading.
What are you going to hang on to this time?

What are you going to give back to the crowds
That have saved you so many a times!

Tall, dark, and handsome, you, Los Angeles are.
Have you heard of Benevolence, Sacrifice, Truce,
Mindfulness, Generosity, Justice for All?
60.9% of your population is muted.

Los Angeles, listen silently openly and honestly
To how much YOU MEAN to your beggars.


This poem was submitted as part of our communal poetry project, voces (voices) of the people (poets). If you’d like to contribute, please review the link, and send your poem to betweenfigandyork@gmail.com

BB Feb 2015