Help Us Save The Southwest Museum Mural!


Our beautiful Southwest Museum Mural has been completely graffitied.
Please donate to restore the mural.

Created in 2004 by local artist Daniel Cervantes. There are many reasons to appreciate this mural on Marmion Way, under the Southwest Museum: the colors that seem to glow in the sun, the attractive graphic style and most importantly, the subject, Native people of the Americas.

Supporters include:
Friends of the Southwest Museum
Highland Park Chamber of Commerce
Highland Park Heritage Trust
Avenue 50 Studio|
Councilman Gilbert Cedillo’s office
Highland Park Neighborhood Council
Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council
Milford Archeological Research Institute (MARI)”
Autry National Center
And You, the Community of Northeast LA

The Avenue 50 Studio will be acting as fiscal sponsor for the Save Our Southwest Museum mural drive.  Please make out your checks to:  “Avenue 50 Studio” and fill in the donation line to designate the donation to the “Save Our Southwest Museum Mural”.  Avenue 50 Studio Federal Tax ID No.:  54-2088575.

If you would like to donate by PayPal, please click on the following PayPal button: