Meet the Featured Poets!

Carole Leila Cramer

Carole Leila Cramer wears many hats and hold many titles. One of her titles, her day job- Special Education Teacher Extraordinaire. Another title she’s especially proud of is mother of four adult children and two daughter-in-loves  (Meagan & Candace). But, none of her other titles top the best title in the world- Grandma to River & Dakota!  

She is a published author of two poetry books (The Ebb & Flow of Life: Stages of Walking in Your Power & Insanity & Butterflies), and three Special Education teacher guides (The New Special Education Teacher’s Survival Guide, The Special Education Teacher’s Guide to A Well-Run Classroom, & finally, Plan B: Life After…)

She is currently a member of the USC chapter of Community Literature Initiative (CLI) Season 11 and is working hard on her next book of poetry, Nakedness Personified: Rise of the Phoenix!

Lauren Yang

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley,Lauren observes all that moves and stands around her as she transmutes what she sees and hears into poetry, comedy, dance, and music. As an environmentalist and aspiring artist just getting started, she aims to love deeply and live furiously with every last spark of energy she can muster for the wellbeing of our Earth and humanity.