Monday May 4 2015

 Sin Turistas presents at Avenue 50 Studio

Introduction to Photography: Starting From Scratch

Workshop begins Monday 05.04.15 and will include 9 sessions meeting at Avenue 50 Studio on Monday at  6:30 pm  and Saturday and Sunday at 10:00am

Get an introduction to the functions on your digital camera and practice using them in challenge assignments. We will discuss composition, lighting and the visual language in this (9) week workshop.

Space is limited so please sign up soon and let us know your availability so we can schedule session dates to accommodate all participants. Final schedule is released approximately 1 week before start. Financial assistance is available from discounts to a full waiver. please write us and explain your situation.

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Thursday January 8, 2015

Sin Turistas
in association with
North East Los Angeles Alliance

Join us for a screening of flag warsa film about gentrification and the lives it affects
with opening remarks by professor dana collins, phd

flag wars
tonights movie was shot over four year period in colombus, ohio. the 90 minute film documents the economic competition between two historically oppressed groups as they play out their roles in the gentrification process.

dana collins
professor collins has been studying gentrification since 2000 in manila, phillipines. her understanding of gentrification takes on a global perspective that sometimes looks at lgtb issues within this economic process. as a sociologist and cypress park resident she joined sin turistas as one of its original photographers to document and express highland park.

Thursday, January 8th, 7pm
avenue 50 studio 131 north avenue 50  highland park ca 90042



Thursday October 30, 2014
sin turistas workshops & collective presents OPEN JAM v2: open photo critique and presentation

sin turistas workshops & collective with avenue 50 studio would like to invite you to the next open photo critique. come to share your digital projection of a photography project or comment and discuss other photographer’s work.

Thursday October 30th, 7pm
at Avenue 50 Studio | 131 n. avenue 50 highland park ca 90042




: : LA incidental
workshop start july 12th | 1pm
(first session @ avenue 50 studio)

street photography is the most challenging of photographic exercises. this 9 session workshop will build skills and confidence in the streets. we’ll be travelling across the city by train and on foot. we will visit 4-5 very unique areas of los angeles as well as highland park and explore them from a street level view. define your images and style in this a pure shooting and critiquing workshop. john urquiza artist, educator and editor of photography will discuss techniques and offer exercises to practise. urquiza also discusses the role of the photographer and the emotions that shape our ideas and photography.

urquiza on street photography

“the decisive moment’ as cartier-bresson describes and that which photographers seek is no mystery. we are surrounded by time, it is an endless river that cascades around us and so deafening we’ve lost sight of how to listen. the street photographer should not be seeking “the moment” as they will never find it… the street photographer should be looking at all the moments and with their camera gathering them up with a cup as you would with water from the river. true street photographers are the curators of time and students of humanity. what they choose reveals themselves. the street photographer more than anything must be alive in their own heart. if they cannot reveal their own truth, they will never find “the moment” in their own photographs…”

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welcome to highland park, make love not gentrification

photography and discussion

Thursday, April 24, 2013 from 7-8:30 pm

This program is free and open to the public

Sin Turistas 2013 Course List

starts 1/14/13

1.3 introduction to photography
(extended versions)

this basic workshop is a hybrid of 1.2 introduction to photography and 1.1b introduction to digital cameras. this workshop was design to be flexible and address participant’s complex schedules. sessions are subject to change according the group’s needs and accommodations for individuals will be made where possible.

• requirements: camera
(see course outline)
• duration: 11 sessions
• costs: $295
• 8 students
• location: avenue 50 studio

1st qtr: 01.14.13 (06:00 pm)

(see course outline for actual dates and times as this workshop meets infrequently)
pre registration required <>

Avenue 50 Studio, Inc.
a 501(c)(3) non-profit art gallery
131 North Avenue 50
Los Angeles, Ca 90042

Sin Turistas 2012 Course List

September 23, 2012

Sights and Sounds
one day workshop
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
limited to (8) persons, please sign up now and we’ll send you further details.
$25 payable to avenue 50 studio
(60% off summer facebook <> “like” us discount ends soon)
(registration form) <>

July 7, 2012

2.2A Digital B&W Photography

Builds on core composition principals using form and mass. Course is also an introduction to the value of light as an emotional device. Introduces various digital techniques to achieve film looks with digital files.

-requirements: camera/computer tba
-duration: 8 sessions
-cost: $325
-8 student capacity


July 21, 2012

1.1A Introduction to Digital Tools

Introduces beginning photographers to Adobe Photoshop’s powerful tools. This workshop explores basic tool control, laer oncepts, file management and exercises to practice tool usage.

-requirements: computer tba
-duration: 6 sessions
-cost: $195
-10 student capacity


1.1B Introduction to Digital Cameras

Workshop covers how to use your camera effectively and understand what all those buttons are for! Students are instructed on the manual and auto functions of a camera and introduced to white balance and iso usage.

-requirements: camera tba
-duration: 6 sessions
-cost: $195
-8 student capacity

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